Challengers & Host
How does SECTORS work?
This is our very first campaign on tiltify and hope to entertain while we help fundraise for spcaLA. We have watchglo and JinpaiSenpai from Twitch as our challengers competing for winner of our game show called SECTORS! Below is the layout of how this will work and we will have other surprises mentioned during the LIVE show on our Twitch channel.

Winner: Gets a fancy dinner at a unspecified location around the area where SECTORS took place.

Loser: Gets loser treatment! Chat will have a chat choice from 3 treatments. Tune into the live stream to see the treatments!

Please check out the stream and make however small or big of a contribution as you like.

Charity Goals
Our minimum goal is $100, which if we reach it is very much appreciated. But our primary goal is $600 and we have treats along the way to getting there.

$200: No hand search in your sector for 5 minutes: While in a sector and searching BOTH challengers must not use their hands to search. May use any other limb or objects.

$400: 1 bonus round no talking for 5 minutes: BOTH challengers while in bonus round may not speak to anyone for 5 solid minutes. May communicate in any other way.

$600: 30 squats as soon as we hit this mark: No matter where and what the challengers are doing they must do this as soon as we hit this.


Episode 1: Watchglo vs. JinpaiSenpai at Santa Monica Pier
Results: Watchglo wins by sudden death round
Total Raised:$210
Charity: Tiltify - spcaLA
Watch Highlight: COMING SOON!

Episode 2: NYC
Total Raised:
Charity: Tiltify -
Watch Highlight: