We are a live streaming network. We are a grassroots organization. This is not your typical content creator network like some YouTube networks run things by officially partnering with YouTube and bringing YouTube creators to working together on videos. We showcase all* of outdoor IRL content showcased primarily from Twitch.tv, and will expand into other platforms within time as well.

We showcase all except for blacklisted streamers which have either requested to be blacklisted or are blacklisted for other reasons such as a DMCA strike. We have whitelisted and greylisted streamers showcased. Whitelisted streamers get priority showcase on the website because they provided video approval to the OutdoorIRL Network to allow to showcase their streams, and showcase their content for our YouTube videos. Greylisted streamers are contacted asking for approval but has not responded. In a very small amount of cases, some greylisted streamers I did not seek permission for experimental analytical purposes.

We also have showcase labels for Guest Streamers. These streamers are streamers suggested usually by their own viewers to be added to the website for the outdoor IRL Content, or if I come across their stream on Twitch. Guest Streamers are usually gaming/desktop streamers on a vacation trip and doing outdoor IRL content and may appear they would not be doing or have shown in their VOD history they do not intend to do outdoor IRL content regularly. Once they go back to normal gaming/desktop streams they will be deleted from the network. We do not intend to seek permission to showcase these streamers since it is very short time stay on the network, especially for larger streamers.

We plan to gather analytical data and share to the world on our findings in regards to outdoor IRL content, and how our website has or hasn’t affected live streamers showcased on this website.

What is Outdoor IRL content?
Outdoor IRL content is niche IRL content to the IRL category. Outdoor IRL content is anything outside of the home and meant to help people explore the world through your eyes as the live streamer. However way you do your Outdoor IRL content, it’s a gateway to learn for a viewer looking to learn about you in your environment outside the home. Content that resembles a home may include hotel rooms, or other private spaces too that could give the same safety of “home”. Check out more details about this here.

The mission is to expand and expose Outdoor IRL content as much as possible to the world. One of the best ways is to make the barrier to entry lower for any live streamers interested in learning about doing it themselves rather than its full time, part time, or special event content for non-IRL streamers. And the other best way is through our collaborative initiative.

With the network’s dedication to the collaborative initiative, we aim to bring together the outdoor IRL community by making it easier to network using our website, and (if they choose to) participate in our collaborative streaming events.

Part of the network’s mission is also to bring as much resources to all outdoor IRL dedicated live streamers, such as learning material, or access to sponsors. Access to sponsors is extremely important to the network and streamers working closely with the network. We as a network know how costly it is to run an outdoor IRL live stream, especially on a regular and full time basis. Best way to ensure longevity in a healthy growth for outdoor IRL streamers is more access to stable revenue streams, and that’s with sponsors.

Streaming Events
Streaming events will involve working with a charitable goal and working with live streamers of all kinds that do an outdoor IRL challenge stream. Streamers aka Challengers, will do these challenge streams for points and points will result in a cash value to purchase items towards their own local charities of their own personal choosing to distribute them on stream. The concept is using entertainment to place a spotlight on a common charitable goal while working in a collaborative fashion.

Streamers are NOT directly raising money for charity but redirecting their community and viewers to donate to our overall fundraising pot to ensure it is fair competitiveness to smaller and newer streamers that may not have great community support and can still compete in the challenge. Streamers can choose to raise funds on their own stream but to participate in these streaming events the streamer would need to donate their funds raised during the challenge stream to the overall charitable fund for that specific event that streamer is participating in.
What do we do…?
For streamers…

• Reduce time in searching for consistently and actively streaming outdoor IRL live content for live streamers looking to network.
• Help you increase your discoverability through showcasing your stream on our website (*if you’re consistently and majority streaming outdoor IRL content), collaborative streaming events, showcased on our YouTube, and more!
• Resources to tech support, streaming tips (youtube), and future features like a vendor directory, DIY vault, and a bounty system.

For viewers…

• Reduce time in searching for new consistently and actively outdoor IRL live streamers.
• Streaming events to seeing your favorite outdoor IRL streamers doing collaborative and interactive streams.

We currently do not receive any form of monetization as of yet. But we do have amazon affiliate links on some YouTube videos, and buyer guides. We are currently in building the value of the network with the IRL community phase and aim to work with brands to help fund the network advancements and streaming events. We do not compensate in currency to live streamers (with exception of our future merch shop, prize winnings from streaming events and other related ventures we plan to release), but we provide many valuable benefits where and when possible with available resources for specific loyal and supportive network streamers. Please check the comparison chart of different valuable benefits you would get here.