This page will document monumental events that occured in outdoor IRL streaming by any content creator+live streamer.

1) Longest uninterrupted outdoor IRL live stream without going home:
Streamer: Milkypuff
Length: 26 hours
Location: Tokyo, JP
Notes: Milkypuff did not plan this event to occur, and it was not a subathon.

2) Longest uninterrupted live stream that was majority and primarily focused on outdoor IRL content:
Streamer: DailyDasher
Length: 13 Days / 310 Hours. Started August 8th 2020 Ended August 21st 2020.
Notes: DailyDasher’s 1 year Twitch partnerversary. This was a subathon event, and was intentionally capped to end it.

3) 24 hour of consistent walking in NYC
Streamer: Kumamonster
Location: All 5 boroughs
Date: 3/2 to 3/3 2024

Want to submit your own record or a live streamer you witnessed breaking or setting a new record in regards to outdoor IRL live streaming? Please DM me on discord is the most preferred method of contact.