Community Issues & Goals

These are the current known issues within outdoor IRL streaming as a category.

  1. More affordable and stable cellular data internet.
  2. More affordable OBS RTMP servers.
  3. Better performing action cams. Currently best for encoder streaming camera is Sony AS300. Great mic, optical stabilization, and low light. But it needs better low light, all black camera body, and even possibly night vision option would be great additions. And best non-encoder streaming camera is GoPro MAX currently, which is still a very poor performing camera.
  4. Better, longer lasting, faster charging, and lighter battery bank performance.
  5. More overall control tools for self-producing. Such as from an app to control instant 1 tap buttons to trigger events in chat or OBS events/actions.
  6. Lack of access to user friendly tools to attract non-twitch content creators to stream on twitch outdoor IRL live streaming content.
  7. Better Donation / Tip system due to issues with charge-backs with Paypal and banning streamers because of those charge-backs. New system to allow any or all known options of payment such as cashapp, square, venmo, etc.
  8. DMCA issues playing US copyrighted music in background while in public. We need tools to auto mute (in VOD) DMCA – US copyrighted music. Even music playing in the background and not as intentional.
  9. The ability to receive media donations to only allow music that is not copyrighted in the U.S.
  10. Better performing modems to withstand high heat and cold areas.
  11. Better performing video encoders. Better internal cooling, ports, especially HDMI.

If you’re looking for any consultation on how to resolve these issues from an enterprise venture, I am more than willing to provide consulting, as well provide any beta testing to products or services. I do not sign any contracts to promise to speak only positively on any reviews I am providing to the public. Go to the contact page to inquiry.

This part are community issues within OutdoorIRL Network… in which I am looking for support, input or assistance in solving these issues.

  1. Better video production. I have a huge vision for our youtube’s production improvements. But it requires other people.
    • People I need are After Effects editors, vocal or host talent, illustrator artist, especially ones that can make great infographics .
  2. Attracting more web traffic via providing unique product and services. We’ll need android and iOS app designers and programmers that knows how to use the Twitch api.
  3. Website improvements, in which I need more web developers, and twitch chat bot programmers to help automate certain data gathering and automating actions to the website.
  4. Outdoor IRL as a niche community is very spread out and tapped into many different communities, but lacks in working together as a team. I want bring outdoor IRL streamers more together through collaborations, raiding each other while doing outdoor IRL live streaming content more often than it is today. This is where the event collaborative streams with Outdoor IRL such as The Nutcracker would help this.
  5. Data Analysis: I need someone to help gather data for research cases regarding outdoor IRL live streaming content.

If you’re interested in helping the above network issues, go to the contact page to inquiry.