Get Listed!

DISCLAIMER! I do not intend, nor do I want, to pressure anyone to change their content to be listed. You have full autonomy over your content choices. I have chosen to cater to a specific audience, and this website features curated content that aligns with that audience’s demand – outdoor IRL content. The curation of this website is done manually on a daily basis. Streamers who are not broadcasting outdoor IRL content will not be visible on the platform if I come across such cases. If a streamer does not engage in outdoor IRL content for two consecutive months, their listing will be removed until they resume creating such content.

This website doesn’t solely showcase anyone who has done or currently does outdoor IRL streams. It strikes a balance by appealing to both IRL viewers seeking outdoor IRL content and assisting outdoor IRL streamers in gaining exposure, accessing resources (such as educational material and support), and networking with other outdoor IRL streamers.

As for the criteria for getting showcased, there are several variables, listed below. However, please note that there are exceptions to these rules, which I will explain after the list.

  1. Majority of your content must be at the bare minimum of 75% outdoor IRL to get listed as a Greylisted streamer.
  2. You must have VODs / Highlights on your Twitch or your YouTube channel showing this 75% in the last 30-60 days.
  3. Outdoor IRL stream consistently for 4-6 weeks. If you can only stream 1 day a week consistently, as long as the same
    day for 10 weeks you qualify for greylisting. But if you stream consistently for 4-6 days a week, you can qualify in 4 weeks.

As for the exceptions, we have Guest Streamers. Guest streamers are typically newcomers to the IRL scene or other types of streamers who occasionally do an IRL stream for a trip or special event.

To be listed as a guest streamer, you must meet the following criteria. Being a guest streamer implies that you are relatively new to the IRL scene, but please note that doing gaming streams on your channel will keep you in the guest status.

  1. You are producing compelling or high quality outdoor IRL content.

or 2. Working with Outdoor IRL on a collaborative special feature.

At any time, on any listing, even if you are a whitelisted or partner Outdoor IRL streamer, you can be delisted if you are no longer primarily streaming outdoor IRL content. However, once you regain consistency in streaming outdoor IRL content, your previous listing will be restored to its previous status before you were delisted.