What is Outdoor IRL?

Outdoor IRL is a niche within the IRL category, where IRL stands for ‘In Real Life,’ encompassing activities away from the computer or gaming console. Outdoor IRL doesn’t solely pertain to content filmed outdoors; it includes anything outside the home, with exceptions for larger outside properties and engaging in outdoor activities. However, content that replicates a home environment, such as hotel rooms or other private spaces providing a sense of ‘home,’ does not fall under the category of Outdoor IRL.

The purpose of the Outdoor IRL niche is to showcase live streamers exploring the outside world, with the aim of inspiring viewers to do the same. This content is particularly appealing to viewers who experience high levels of anxiety, making it difficult for them to leave their homes, as well as to those who wish to experience and learn about new places, foods, and experiences through the streamer’s eyes. Nonetheless, there is a potential downside to this content—it may inadvertently enable some individuals to stay indoors more, rather than encouraging them to explore the world.