Partner Program

Outdoor IRL Partner Program

We are introducing the Outdoor IRL Partner Program! This is meant for live streamers that produce majority outdoor IRL live content and has regularly streamed in the last 4 weeks. The program is designed for those passionate about live streaming outside of their homes, and enjoys exploring the world outside. The streamer interested in this program are strong believers of the network, its goals, and want to help the network grow as much as possible. Read below for perks, requirements, and suggestions on how to promote the network. Also you can check out the comparison chart of the different tiers of streamers in regards to benefits.

Exclusive Perks

• Top feature with priority on when you are live and doing outdoor IRL live content.
• Your profile picture will appear throughout the website.
• Commission from sales of a collaborative custom T-shirt that would be sold at our OutdoorIRL store (when it opens).
• Producer services.
• Partner credited in every new YouTube video, after the streamer becomes an Outdoor IRL Partner. (in video description)
• Special Discord Role
• Special partner icon on the website.

• Mentioned in every YouTube video after you are signed as a OIRL Partner.
• First access to our Bounty System when it goes into a closed beta.


• 90{1dd89cc85f4878867d4f1bafba588d261dc9d536503a4177928521534fb11a16} majority outdoor IRL content on your live streaming channel, and actively streaming outdoor IRL content at minimum 1 outdoor IRL stream per week consistently on the streaming platform they were originally started as an OIRL Partner i.e. Twitch / Youtube. If not actively streaming outdoor IRL content for more than 60 days you may be subject to removal from the website until you return to active outdoor IRL streaming.
• 75+ concurrent average viewers (at time of becoming OIRL Partner), and maintaining 75 ccv with a 6 month buffer. Subject to being de-partnered if lower than 75 ccv for more than 6 months.
• Be a whitelisted streamer for 3 months in good standing. Which means consistently streaming weekly for 3 months, on good terms with iamMisterIRL and in good and active communication with iamMisterIRL via discord.
• Joined Outdoor IRL Network discord server.
• 1000+ followers on Twitch
• Verbal shoutout at least 2 times a week while live on your Twitch. (If you can, showcase the website on how easy it is for both streamers and viewers to find new outdoor IRL live streamers)
• Participate (in any form of capacity) in collaborative streaming events at minimum of 1 event a year.
• Chat command !OutdoorIRL or chat timer to state you’re a partner streamer on And in command recommend your viewers to use the website to help reduce their time in searching for new streamers that produce this kind of content and view multiple streamers at once easily.
• Panel showcase. i.e. mention you are a proud Outdoor IRL partner and provide a link to I can provide a panel graphic or you may just use text.
• Be a real fan of
• Be a Youtube Partner or Twitch Partner. *Extreme circumstances this can be looked passed, or previously to this requirement was added.


Suggested and optional promotion that would help grow the network (including yourself as the live streamer with the network’s growth).
• Raid at least 2 times a week an outdoor IRL streamer being showcased in the featured streams on, as well showcasing the website on how easy it is to find outdoor IRL live streamers than going through Twitch’s just chatting.
• Static logo or animated logo appear on stream’s overlay every 1-2 hours of streaming.
• Encourage viewers to submit their own clips to our discord.
• On the side, mentor a new streamer about doing Outdoor IRL live streaming content.

We plan to expand this program’s perks and requirements as we grow.
If you are interested in joining this program, and you qualify, please contact iamMisterIRL on our discord.