Vendor Directory

This page will list all vendors in the outdoor IRL streaming English speaking market. Below will be vendors of what I know of options that fully work or semi work well. The list below with a logo and linking out are verified vendors working with OutdoorIRL. If you want to support OutdoorIRL and want to be listed in a logo and linking out, please contact me. Some vendors listed don’t only specialize in IRL but can help IRL streams.

RTMP / SRT OBS Services

• reedog117: NoRip
• tt2468: IRL Toolkit
• Psynaps: Superstreamsystem
• Lightstream: IRL Without Limits
• Tican: Antiscuff
• LiamClutch: irlmediasolutions
• Tony! : IRLKit

Streaming Apps

• Streamlabs
• Streamelements
• Prism Live Studio
• Larix Broadcaster

IRL Chat/Alert Apps

• IRLchat
• Realtime Chat


• LiveU Solo
• Teradek
• URayCoder
• Belabox


• Raspberry pi

Cellular Data (that caters to live streaming)

• Unlimited IRL
• Japan Wifi Buddy (Only for Japan)

All in One Stream Management/Interaction/Tip System

• Streamlabs
• StreamElements

Monetization / Community Support

• Stream Gifts
• Treat Stream

Recommended Twitch Extensions

• Sound Alerts
• Blerp

Server Based Chatbots

• Streamlabs
• Streamelements
• Nightbot

Builders+Consultants+Tech Support

b3ck Discord: b3ck
TechTourist Discord: techtourist