How to Phone Stream Efficiently

Most streamers who broadcast IRL content do so using a phone. Today, we’re delving into a comprehensive tech setup guide for streaming on both Android and iPhone, complete with bonding capabilities. Interestingly, both Android and iPhone devices now support bonding, marking a significant milestone. For the past two years, only Android phones offered this feature, … Read more

10 Streamer Monetization Ideas

In this article, all the possibilities for monetization as a live streamer are discussed. This is not limited to just during live streams; however, the focus is primarily on live streaming. Interactivity During Streams Using Tips/Donations/Bits/Subs (memberships for YouTube Live) Reaction: You can enable some viewers to pay for reactions or acts you perform on … Read more

Premium Unlimited vs. Standard Unlimited vs the Avoid at all costs US Data Plans

Alright, in this post, I am going to delve into how outdoor IRL streaming inner workings with data plans in the U.S. Firstly, I will provide the current definitions of what U.S. carriers use and explain what they mean for you as a live streamer broadcasting outside with these carriers. Throttling: Most of the big … Read more