How to Phone Stream Efficiently

Most streamers who broadcast IRL content do so using a phone. Today, we’re delving into a comprehensive tech setup guide for streaming on both Android and iPhone, complete with bonding capabilities. Interestingly, both Android and iPhone devices now support bonding, marking a significant milestone. For the past two years, only Android phones offered this feature, … Read more

10 Streamer Monetization Ideas

In this article, all the possibilities for monetization as a live streamer are discussed. This is not limited to just during live streams; however, the focus is primarily on live streaming. Interactivity During Streams Using Tips/Donations/Bits/Subs (memberships for YouTube Live) Reaction: You can enable some viewers to pay for reactions or acts you perform on … Read more

Premium Unlimited vs. Standard Unlimited vs the Avoid at all costs US Data Plans

Alright, in this post, I am going to delve into how outdoor IRL streaming inner workings with data plans in the U.S. Firstly, I will provide the current definitions of what U.S. carriers use and explain what they mean for you as a live streamer broadcasting outside with these carriers. Throttling: Most of the big … Read more

Mesh Backpack vs. Custom Fan Cooled Backpack

Mesh vs Custom IRL Backpacks

The constant debate within the IRL community is whether fan-cooled backpacks are better than mesh backpacks. It all depends on one’s goals and streaming style to determine which is better, of course. I believe it ultimately boils down to preference, but let’s break down the pros and cons of both so you can decide which … Read more


Our first starter guide will be about U.S. data. This will include everything from modems that I have personally tested and experienced, to data plan breakdowns. However, keep in mind that U.S. carriers like to switch available data plans (both contract and prepaid) annually most of the time. Sometimes, you could remain on them if … Read more

6 Tips To Getting the Most From Your Sony Action Camera AS300/X3000 for IRL Streaming

ONE) PREVENTION Keep your cables fully connected to the camera at all times to minimize constant disconnecting and reconnecting, which can cause wear and tear on the ports.  TWO) LOCK IN THEM CABLES Use a cable lock, whether it’s a cheap one or a fancy custom-made version. Make sure to always use one.   THREE) … Read more

How to Setup Your Sony Action Cam AS300/X3000 for IRL Streaming

Overview Settings This overview are the standard settings I recommend and use. The extra stuff that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND for sound and brightness check under the Overview Settings section of this blog post. Turn off the wind reduction. Go to Settings. Make sure you are in “Movie Mode”. Then go to the wrench icon (bottom … Read more